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Exchange 2003 Single Inbox

George Thomas
Level 10
Level 10

I am trying to integrate Exchange 2003 with Unity Connection 9.1.1a for Single Inbox. I am running into the following error:

HTTP Request failed with error: Bad response from server, HTTP code returned :440,  HTTP status code: 440 for Webdav.

I believe this is related to having Forms based authentication enabled. Is there a way around this other than disabling forms based authentication?

Thanks in advance!

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Level 4
Level 4

George - I'm facing the same. Did you ever find a fix? Unity Connection 9.1/Single Inbox/Exchange 2003 SP2.

If I configure for HTTP then when I test a user it tells me to submit using a secure port:

HTTP status=[302] url=[http://exchange.customer.local/exchange/user@domain.local] request=["> ] response=[Please resubmit the request using a secure port

If I configure for HTTPS then it tells me what you were seeing in your original post:

HTTP status=[440] diagnostic=[Bad response from server, HTTP code returned: 440] url=[https://exchange.customer.local/exchange/user@domain.local] request=["> ] response=[440 Login Timeout]

I don't want to go the cheap route and do accept and relay via SMTP and disable MWI but I really need to get some sort of email delivery going for a client.