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External calls not show on Gigaset after call transferred


Hi all,


I need your help please .

I have a IP Phone Gigaset C530 registered on cucm 12.5 , the problem that i have i can't see  the number of caller extern when the call transferred via another ip phone .


Could you help me please ?


Best regards


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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor
Caller ID

Displays calling number, caller name, and time of call.

Administrator activates on the Cisco call-control system. Time stamp is from the Cisco voice gateway.

Note To display the caller ID when caller ID is supported by the local telco provider, an administrator must use the caller id enable command on the appropriate Cisco voice gateway port.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

For feature information, see the “Caller Identification and Restriction” section of the “Understanding Route Plans” chapter under “Dial Plan Architecture” in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager System Guid e.

Cisco Unified CME

For caller-ID display on local calls (calls between FXS ports and IP phones registered to the same Cisco Unified CME router):

For restricting or blocking caller-ID display:



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Thank you for your reply ,


For more details : 


On  cisco when the external call is transferred to a cisco Ip phone. The correct caller id is correctly shown just after the call has been connected and not while ringing. Even if it's a blind transfer.    is itnormal behaviour?

On the gigaset , which are third party sip devices, they show "standard" all the time even after completing the transfer.

Best regards 


I think caller name and number will be displayed if you store the details on your phone book. 


Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 7.39.30 PM.png



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Hi Nithin ,


Thank you for your reply ,


for more clarification :

When i make a test call from my external phone to standard , this last can transfer my call to another ip phone cisco , but when the cisco rining it show just the name and number of standard , when the cisco ip phone accept the call , my external number appear  on cisco ip phone . 


It's a normal behaviour ?


Best regards 




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