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Forwarded voicemail issue


We have two offices with two different Unity Servers for voicemail.  I would like to transfer a voicemail from my office to the second office, unfornatually the two unity servers dont know about each other's numbers.  What would I need to setup to allow transfering voicemails from one office unity server to another?

I am running Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1) on both


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Rob Huffman
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Hi there,

You would need to look into Digital Networking



Thanks Rob, ill check out the lisencing for this and report back! Hopefully this will be doable without buying anything


So I’ve been looking over this documentation and maybe I’m a bit over my head.  It seems that one Unity server is connected to a separate domain (long story) and the second is connected to a local domain?  I see users from our AD (the active directory we manage on our local network) some users disabled and some not.  If I click on a username the domain is @voicemail.local, the users that are active some are actually disabled in our AD and some that are disabled are actually live users on our network (confused yet?)

I would like to add both of these servers to our current active directory server but I’m afraid of what this could do to the voicemail boxes.  What are the repercussions of me joining both of these servers to our active directory? I’ve been trying to look at the cisco site on what if anything I need to do, I guess im worried about the group policies we have on our network

Don't do it!

I assume your response is because of group policies?

Moving a server from one domain to another will require you to run the Unity Permissions Wizard, and in many instances you will have issues due to permissions, and yes, GP can be an issue.  You really should put the Unity Server(s) in a container on AD that does not have a GP, this will protect it from rights issues in the future.  Still, experience tells me "don't do it".  Live with it for now, and plan a migration away from the solution to another Unity already on your AD, or Unity Connections.

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