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Help with CUPS

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Level 1

Dear all,

1)  Is there any easy way in BAT where I can pre-load over 500 x Client Service Framework (CSF) for CUPS users?? Do i just need to use the "phone" tab on the BAT.xlt file?

2)  Once i got all these created, what's the easiest way for me to associate each user with the appropriate 'Users Associated with Line' under the bottom of the Line settings page?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Hunt,

1) Yes you can use the bat.xlt file to build the list. Then next you need to create a Phone Template for a CSF device. Lastly you will need to use the insert phones option to point to the csv file and the template to then insert them in the system

2) In the BAT options you can find the way to update this under

Users > Line Appearance > Update Line Appearance

There is a sample file showing you the format.

Hi bvantrun,

For the CSF device, what device name should i use??

Say my username is h.lee, should the Device Name of my CSF be


Is this correct?? I found that doesn't matter I use CSF or Unified Presence as DEVICE, it never get registered.  And as a result, only my softphone works with CUPC, but I can't control the physical phone.

Any ideas??

For a CSF device, the name can be anything. It only needs to be associated with the user on the end user page (device association). Since your softphone works, it means it is configured correctly. The CSF device in CUCM is only used for the soft phone functionality. Since soft phone is working it also indicates that the CUPC can connect to the CCMCIP service to retrieve the device list.

If your desk phone is not working I would check the following:

- if using ldap authentication on cucm, make sure authentication is sent to a global catalog (port 3268 instead of 389)

- the desk phone is associated with the user on the end user page (device association) unless if using EM

- On CUP the user has a CTI profile associated

You can check the server status from within CUPC to see why he cannot get deskphone to work.

Hi bvantrun,

On the CUCM, i have already changed the LDAP DIrectory + LDAP Authentication to both 3268 and restarted the CTI Manager but no luck.

On CUCM, I have definitely associated the Desk Phone on the End User page.

On CUPS, the user has a CTI Profile which associated to a BH_Device Pool which got automatically generated when it is firstly installed.

Would you mind to please elaborate more on the Server Status within CUPC?? I click on it and I see that it has GREEN on LDAP, Presence & Audio Phone... everything looks normal but it doesn't state why can't i get the deskphone to work.  I also tried to enable the 'Detailed Log' and create a problem report but i'm not sure which file i should check to find out more about where is failure point is.

Any ideas??

I see you oneed a separate discussion for this next issue

I can't merge both threads so closing this one to avoid further confusion as initial issue has been answered and new issue is being discussed in the other thread.