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setting up bell with ip phone

Level 1
Level 1

hi want to know that how i can associate a bell with ip phone, whenever i click the bell in response to that my ip phone should ring is it possible, if possible please give me the answer thank you.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I'm not sure what you mean by 'click a bell' I guess you want to use some sort of intercom fetaure just like those used to open a door, basically the guess gets to the door, press a button and the phone rings, then the attendant may open the door by pressing a button or code on the phone, if that is the case then take a look on this doc:

There are other vendors that have similar devices such as Viking electronics or Valcom.

If this is not your exact scenario then what I can tell you is that if that "Bell" has an analog interface (FXS/FXO) then you can connect that to an analog interface on your system, those kind of devices works like an analog phone so you just need to program it and configure CME/CUCM for a PLAR.

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Christian Nuche.

PDI HD Team.

Does this mean that an analog device like a door lock could be used also? The lock needs a  short  application of current to open the latch

thank you. i'll take a look at it