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How to retrive voice messages from a external call?


We setup a integration with Exchange UM 2010 for voice mail as posted in this document

Now I want to be able to retrive voice messages from outside. What I already tried was to redirect a number from the DID to the voice mail pilot number. But all I got was a message that "this users dosen't have a valid voice mail box, goodbye", insted of "to access you mailbox dial your extention"

(the messages are aproximate with the Exchange 2010 speech)

I'll apreciate any help.



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Bryan Shapess
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


This sounds like something you want to talk to Microsoft about as you are having config issues with their product.


Hi Bryan,

There are things in both sides. At the CCM side I created another voice mail pilot number that is in DID range. I also configure a new route pattern for this number routing to the SIP trunk with Exchange. At the Exchange server we created another hunt group for the new number.

At this point I'm able do dial in and get the "to access your mail digit your extension number" prompt. But, Exchange is not recognizing the DTMF tones. I’m guessing if is there any other configuration to forward DTMF in the SIP trunk.



At this point I would say look at the Exchange traces and see what it doesn't like about the DTMF that CallManager is sending it.  Once you know that you can either change something on CallManager side or the Exchange side depending on what you see

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