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How to set up thru dial function in Unity connection?


Thru dial is a function that when you login your VM, you can directly dial a phone number. Once we have this function in Nortel Call Pilot VM, but how to set up this feature in Cisco Unity? Connection?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In Unity you do this by mapping a key using the Custom Key Map functionality - the default subscriber conversation doesn't expose it - once mapped to a key you can access the "Free dial" option from there. You can, of course, also map this to a one key rule on a call hanlder for outside callers to access (restricted by the system call routing rules of course).

Connection will offer this in the upcoming 7.0 release (now in EFT) in the same way (i.e. mapping a key in the custom key map) and also includes the option in call handlers to automatically "free dial" if the user dials an extension from a call handler that doesn't match anything in the database (in other words no need to first dial a one key digit to access the "Free dial" conversation).


By the way, my Unity Connection version is 1.2, in which part of the administration can I configure this "key mapping" feature for free dial?

The feature is not supported in Connection 1.2 I'm afraid - 7.0 will be the first Connection version to have this.

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