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Messed Up Call Log and Ring List

Zach S

Hello All,

I've run into a problem that happened after some scheduled, but headache inducing network maintenance. For a short while our CUCM was offline and now a lot of our phones cannot access the ringlist.xml file, do not log missed calls, and our CUCM reports some aborted TFTP transfers when I try to upload new configs to the screwed up phones.

I cleared these issues on one of my phones by deleting the ITL, but before I go around to three hundred phones to delete ITL's by hand I would like know; does anyone know if a simple CUCM restart would fix these issues or am I looking at hands-on work?

-This is CUCM version 8.6

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Zach,

You can first check the replication status on all servers and make sure it is 2 on every node. If not, you can troubleshoot as per the following link

A restart of ccm service on all the nodes can be tried before you go ahead and start deleting ITL files on all the phones.

If there were any IP address / hostname changes during the maintenance window, it could also create problems.



Thanks for the input, I'll look into that today and see if it fixes the issues.


It looks like the replication status is fine, and none of the hostnames or IP's changed. A restart of various servers or of the devices didn't seem to resolve it either. So far the only positive results I've gotten are with ITL deletion.

I would suggest opening a TAC case to see if they find something as the manual deletion of ITL files may take some time. If you want to go ahead with ITL file deletion then the following should be of some help



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