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Mobile Remote Access delay connecting audio - question

Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,

i have a doubt about MRA when two Cisco jabbers initiate a voice call.

i set up a lab environment with Cisco Expressways and jabbers client registering from internet to CallManager. In a jabber2jabber call scenario i noticed a delay establishing the voice call. This is what i observed:

- external jabber registers fine, the voice services are available. The registering process is fast and it's working fine.

- the same jabber dials an extension to reach another jabber registered from internet to same CallManager.

- there are about 10-12 seconds before the called jabber start ringing.

- after call is established i observe one more delay before connecting voice.

i didn't configured TURN server and ICE, and no TURN relay licenses installed on expE.

I had a fast look at sdl CallManager's log and this is what i saw:

- the calling jabber dials the extension and the related SIP INVITE reaches CallManager within 1-2 seconds, so it's OK.

- after CallManager receives the SIP INVITE , it waits for 10-12 seconds before sending SIP INVITE toward the called jabber.

- the is no processing of the sip call within this 10-12 seconds.

I'm going to go in deep with this issue, but if the issue is known i appeciate if someone can share.



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Alok Jaiswal
Level 4
Level 4

If you can collect Expressway and CUCM logs while making a call and share i can help to look it for you. 



Hi Alok,

nice to see you again. I attach logs for a call placed by jabber windows (int:100) to jabber android (int:102), both are remote, call established at 14:05 my local time.

I performed these replaces on logs:

-  public IP at my home --> public_IP_jabber_mra

- expE's public IP --> public_IP_expE

- internal and external domain, they are the same --> my_domain_com

my two jabbers are registerd both at home, so my lan is, they share the same public IP (public_IP_jabber_mra).

About the first delay, yes it was my terrible mistake, all DNs were overlapping with an outbound route pattern in the same partition so i had the interdigit timeout to wait.

Now for the second delay i'm not able to understand if it is due to no TURN license installed and configured. Before connecting audio i have to wait for 8-10 seconds.

IP addresses: cucm, expC, expE,

really appreciate your help.



Did you figure it out?  I'm getting a similar thing ...

Looking at one phone registered on ...

During low activity, calls go to Expressway-C #2 at and calls work fine. 

During busier times, call go to Expressway-C #1 at and there is about 8 seconds of silence for both sides after a call is answered.  Then the audio connects and the call is fine.  Many customers hang up in the 8 seconds. 

It may be reversed if I pick a different phone, I don't know. 

What should I look at next?

thank you


i didn't go ahead with this behaviour. I didn't try enabling ICE on expC zones and using expE as TURN server, and no turn srv record is published on public DNS. Maybe you can try adding these in your environment. I'm experiencing these issue with jabber for windows only, with jabber for android everything work fine. I don't have physical ip phone in my environment.

hope this help.

The remote users were experiencing

- audio not working for 8 seconds at the beginning of the call (2-ways)

- can't answer calls

- can't transfer calls

- getting logged out of Finesse

at least a dozen times per day. 

We rebooted the Expressway boxes and and there have been no problems reported since then, 3 business days now.