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MOH during transfer together with CUCM & Unity

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Following problem: System Call Handler created ( Unity Connection 8..2 ) . All functions work as planned.

Only one problem still exist : If the call comming in and will be transferd from the CUCM (8.5.1 )   to the call

handler then I get 2-3 sec. MOH music. I checkded several sources without success. I created as example a

Media resource list without any Media resource groups, created also a new DP with inlcuding this Media Resour list

but without success.Also disabled all MOH sources for this device but I get every time this MOH music before the call

will be transfered over the call handler to the device.

Exist  there another solutions to disable the MOH for only this device ?

Thanks for help


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Try creating a CTI Route point and associate the call handler number to it, and forward the incoming call to CTI Route Point DN.




Thanks for your answer. My problem is I configured this basic system call handler for our central  switchboard.
I created a dummy number for the call transfer for the CTI route point as example 4751 . Then on the Unity I created

the transfer rule standard for the office hours without meassages for the switchborad number as example 4752.

Furthermore I creatded a closed Transfer rule which send the calls to 4751 which play then the messages ( closed & holiday ). The mailbox for 4752 is used to store the incomming messages from the callers.

So I can not associate the callhandler number for my understanding .



Sorry, still am getting your point clearly.

What is my understanding is suppose if someone calls to 4444 in office hours the call will land to 4752, if someone calls 4444 after office hour the call will land to the 4751 in unity and which plays the "Closed Greeting", if the caller leaves any voice message it will be stored in 4752 extension mailbox. Is am right, this is want you want to achieve?

Sorry for my unclear expression, you are absolut right. And in this case I don´t need the 2-3 sec. MOH music before the calll will be transferd to the switchboard  because it will be confusing our caller. This is the reason why im lokking for an

option to disable the MOH for one device / this case.


The simple way of achieving this is type of senerio is:

  • Create a 4444 DN which will be the number that called from outside.
  • Forward all calls of 4444 extension in office hour to 4752 extension which is the switchboard number (the operator answers the call)
  • Forward all calls of 4444 extension in after office hour to 4751 which is a Call Handler extension.

Note: only after office hour call will route through Unity, but office hour calls will be forwarded directly to your operator (4752)

You need to create two 4444 DN, one for office hour partition and another for after office hour partition.

Office hour and after office hour partition configuration:

Call Routing-->Class of Control-->Time Period (Add new and configure as per your time stamp)

Call Routing-->Class of Control-->Time Schedule (name as office hour and select the appro. Time Period created)

Call Routing-->Class of Control-->Partition (Create office hour partition and assign the Office hour Time Schedule)

Remember you need to create separate Time Period, Time Schedule and Partition for Office hour and after office hour.

Try for this configuration, if you have any problem let me know.

Note: First create this configuration and test with your internal spare extension before making any changes in production DNs.




The Time of day routing on the Callamanger  works perfectly without MOH problems  but then I´m running in  another problem with my holiday greeting. With the system call handler I can perfect build up all the greetings which I used : Closed & Holiday  but with the Time of day routing on the callmanager  I don´t know how I can build up the Holiday greetings. I created my schedules as example open hours,closed hours  ( closed greetings ) and holiday hours ( holiday greetings ) . But how I can transfer the call to the same mailbox  as  I used for the closed hours in the time of holiday with the holiday greetings ?


Hi Alex,

Just try to do the follwoing:

System Call Handlers-->-->Edit-->Greetings-->Holiday

In Holiday Greeting pager scroll to After Greeting-->select User with Mailbox-->choose the User of your choice




Many thanks again for your help. The problem is now I´m still getting the normal closed greetings but not the holiday greetings. How can I transfer the call in the call handler within holiday times to the Holiday greetings ?



Now i´ve a problem with a greeting loop and I don´t know why this now exist. I dial my number go to the correct Time of day

routing , transferd to the correct greetings ( I selected  User with mailbox as you said ) and I heard the greeting. If the greeting is finished and should be transfered me to the mailbox for leave a message I get again a message call will be transfered and I hear again the same greeting. I checked several settings but I don´t where this come from.

Thanks again for help

Hi Alex,

I assume that you selected "Go to Greeting" in the User with Mailbox config in Holiday Greeting page, try by selecting Attempt transfer. But still lacking some information from your side, if problem presits can your provide me with the remote I will send your the WebEx meeting link.




Let me explan again what I woud like to have:

People call our outside number as exmaple 340-0 ( using a translation pattern to transfer the call )  . In our business hours all calls should be transferd directly to the reception phone . Outside the business hours ( Closed hours ) all calls should go to VM with closed messages except from Holiday days. In this case the caller should hear holiday greetings before going to the same VM . The VM box should be the same number as the reception phone.

I tried to implement your solution  but I´m running into loops .
What I tried : 340-0 -> Translation pattern transferd call to 4444 / during open hours calls go directly to the  4444 DN ( inlcuding the hard phone for the reception ) . Outside Business hours ( or on holidays ) calls go to 4444 which includes call forwarding to the call handler extension 4751 . The Call handler ( extension 4751 ) transfer all VMs to the VM box as defined in the call handler schedule to the VM Box 4444.

The original issue with the MOH music was bypassed but I´m  running into loops now and I don´t konw why.

Thanks again for you help.

Best Regards

You can configure an another partition for holidays and transfer to (4753 call handler) holiday greeting and transfer the VM to your required mailbox.


The problems what I have right now are not the greetings because call handler transfer calls correctly for out of office messages and holiday messages to the correct greeting.

The problem for me is how I have to build up the correct phones / DN / CTI ports on the Callmanager, That's not quite clear to me.
Call flow what I think and as you wrote above should be : Calls coming in  -> 340-0 ->Translation pattern transfer the call to a dummy extension 4444 with 2x same DN . First DN 4444 forwarded all calls (office hours   ) to the switchboard phone 4752. Second DN 4444 (after office hour ) forwarded all calls to the Call Handler extension 4751 .The call handler DN is configured with the DN 4751 and an including CTI port and forward all calls direct to the VM b( Call Handler ) .

Then I added on the unity connection the call handler extension 4752 into the Call handler. After the greeting should the VM box 4752 record the messages .Should this work without problems then I will do / implement  the changes tomorrow and will test it again.

Many thanks in advance for your help.



It will work, in closed hours and in holidays the mailbox will be the same 4752. just you need to add the same mailbox for these both (closed hour and holidays).

But, I will suggest you before implementing anything new in the production or live network, please make a testing throughly and confirm it and see how it works, then if you feel any changes or testing you can do it on the testing environment itself. When you satisified 100% then implement it. This is my way of working.