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Need Simple Dial Plan Help


I have a brand new CME 8.6 2911 Router with the basics configured for internal calling.  We will soon be getting our ISDN PRI line and one thing I have been struggling with is how to create a simple dial plan that accomplishes some basic needs.  Here is what we will have:

1. One single company number that callers will dial to reach the company and that will need to go to an AutoAttendant (I also have Unity Express to set up for this).  We have our number from the phone company and I'm just waiting for them to finish testing.  I also have my Voice T1 Card configured as well.

2.  Our internal extensions are all 3 digits which have no relation to the outside main number.  So for example we have extension 250 and it does not relate to the outside number at all which will be 541-548-9400 (example).  When an employee dials an outside PSTN number they will dial 9 first.

3.  I want a dial plan that allows employees to dial a PSTN number (local 10-digits or long distance or international) from their phone but what the calling party sees will always just be the outside main number.

4. When a call comes into the company it will land at an autoattendant so the calling party can press an extension, say 250 for example, but I want the employee to see the calling party number and caller ID


Thanks for some guidance on this!!

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Suresh Hudda
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Point no 1: Create a Auto Attendant (e.g. 200), then create a translation rule & profile (assign this profile to incoming dial-peer) which converts incoming numbers to 200.

Point no 2: If all calls landing on AA then you dont need to do did mapping so dont worry on it. And for access code 9, you can define it in destination pattern under outgoing dial peer.

Point no 3: For local, long distance or international dialing you can use single outgoing dial peer or 1-1 for each as per requirement. And as per extension series & PRI number, you dont need to worry, only main/pilot number will go out as caller id.

Point no 4: It will work by default, if doesnt then might be need to do some changes.

Hope this helps you..



Thank you very much Suresh. That definitely helps!!