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Standard Local Route Groups to prefix Area Code

Hi All,


So I have been reading this document:


And I'm interested in where it talks about you can achieve 7 digit, 10 digit and 11 digit dialing as well. I'm wondering if this relates to my own situation.


So I am in Australia and in CUCM I have users who dial 8 digit numbers, what this means is the users dial a bunch of digits without using a leading 03 if they are in Victoria or 07 if they are in Queensland. They still use a leading 0 which I am stripping. In our company we have only two SIP gateways, our service provider wouldn't offer us any saving on local vs national calls and routers cost money so we just brought two. What the user expects to happen is for the CUCM to be smart, ie if their device is in a Device Pool based in Melbourne it should assume the 8 digit number starts with a 03, if they are in Queensland based on their device pool assume the 8 digit number starts with a 07. Do that to make the 10 digit number, pass it to the SIP gateway and it makes the call. Since there is only 2 gateways in the same state I can't just route to the best gateway and only send 8 digits to the carrier, if I do that only one state gets working 8 digit calls and everyone else misses out.


I figure this article might be talking about the same thing, if a US user in New York dials a 7 digit call then the area code is assumed, but if it went via a different gateway you would have to add the New York area code to the dialed number making 10 digits before sending it. I see how the Device Pool can be used to select the best gateway, but since Local Route Groups don't apply to the Route List level they only let you select the final Route Group how can you use this feature to fix the 7 digit dialing, to do that I need to tie Device Pool to the Route List not just the Route Group if I am to be able to prefix the correct area code, be it prefix 718 for New York or in my case 03 for Victoria.


Otherwise does anyone have any other smart ideas how I can add a prefix to my called number based on the caller's location, device pool etc in CUCM? Basically looking for anything short of create a partition and calling search space etc for every state and do it that way. I know I can do it that way but that's just a ugly way of doing it and I would have thought with smart ideas like Local Route Groups we should be able to avoid that these days.


Thanks for all suggestions,


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Vaijanath Sonvane
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


The Standard Local Route Groups are useful when you have PSTN gateways at each site and when you have uniform PSTN dial plan across all the locations. In your scenario, the PSTN gateways are at located central site (maybe HQ), so there are two options:

  1. Use different Partition and CSS with different Route Patterns, Route List and Route Groups.
  2. Use Called Party Transformation Patterns with different Partition and Called Party Transformation CSS with Local Route Group. You can see this post on Called Party Transformation Patterns (




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