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Unity 5.x - Delay in pager, phone, smtp notification


Unity 5.x Unified Messaging, Exchange 2007, UCM 6.x.

We have a notification that is being delayed by several hours.  The scenario is thus:

- Caller leaves VM

- Pager is configured to send notification to pager at 0 minutes

- Pager 2 is configured to send notification after 20 minutes

- Phone 1 is configured to send notification after 30 minutes

(note, these are separate notifications for the same mailbox - not nested.)

Most of the time, the initial Page is sent and received immediately, however last tuesday and this tuesday we were advised that a VM was left around 6pm (6:14pm on one of them) but the notification sequence did not begin until 12:29pm (on the one I was looking at).

After reviewing CDRs from CAR (by gateway and extension), I can see the call hitting Unity at 6:14 and I can see the outcall to the first Pager at 12:29 (the VM was retrieved by the user so the Pager 2, etc. did not engage - as it should not have)  Looking at the Exchange mailbox, I can see that the Unified Message VM was delivered at 6:14pm.

Port Usage is next to nil during this time period.  All Ports are configured for messaging and notification.  There are 16 ports.

Schedule is set to all days and all hours for notifications.

When testing, everything works just fine (have not yet tested between 6p and 1am on Tuesday evenings)

Event log does not show AvNotifierMgr stopping or starting.

We are looking at the Unity server to see if there any Events (reported in Event Viewer) during those times, but there is not.  There was a reboot of the server performed in the past two weeks.   A few months rior to that, some monitoring software (itsupport remote monitoring) was installed but this was the first reboot since that time. We will be disabling that software and re-testing after 6pm next Tuesday, though, we are not yet convinced this is the cause, nor are we certain that the tuesday 6-12pm timeframe is anything other than a coincidence at this point.

My question(s) is thus:

- Is there a log, syslog, snmp trap I can review or implement for notification delays and/or failures?

- Is there a Service I should be looking for?

- What else can I look for from a Windows/Unity perspective?

It should be noted that the Windows Admin guys are looking at any monitoring, virus, firewalling concerns.

Whew! and TIA.


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Scott Hills
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


One thing to know is that until Unity receives MAPI notification of message delivery to mailbox the notification process will not start.

It seems likely that there might have been some delay in this being received. Howver the only way to really know would require to have the traces for MWI turned on before the message was delivered to Exchange. If you had these enabled the following doc gives you an idea of what you can look for in the traces to verify when the MAPI notification was recieved from Exchange and how Unity carried out the rest of the process.

Hope this helps.



I will be trying this tonight. I take it, then, that any pager or

text notifications are triggered by the same system that triggers MWI

lamps? (hence, going through MWI traces).

You are correct.



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