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Unity Connection 1,2 French


I have a quick simple question I hope. I have a Unity connection 1.2 with two Languages English and French. How to I make sure that if a user hits a french Mailbox they get French if thats the language they should get. I have set the 'Inherit Lannguage setting' and it seems they get the system default language 'English' Any ideas on how to make the dual language work

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can force the language of the inbound call by going through a call handler that has French selected (i.e. instead of inherit) and/or forcing the languge on the subscriber in the same way. The routing rules should also accomodate a language setting.

If no language is explicitly set the call will fall back to using the default (ENU out of the box) when an "inherit" language option is encountered. Once the call is set for a language (by a routing rule or call handler) it "sticks" to the call until it hits another explicit language change.

Jeff Thanks.. If I force the mailbox to French and not inherit that should work? I did try a routing rule with french but had two issues one the port usage spiked and I tried to wild card the forwared field and it wouldnt let me even though the help says yes.

I also want to put the service release on as this is a fresh 121 load.

I will post what happens thanks again.

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