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Unity Connection 8.5 - Some users MWI not inheriting extension

Scott Jones
Level 1
Level 1

Wondering if anyone has come across this yet...we're importing users into Unity Connection 8.5 from Unity 5.  What I'm finding is that some of the user accounts are not inheriting the primary extension for MWI...nothing sticks out otherwise.


Any ideas?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

not sure how you're importing users right off hand, but the MWI definition for the primary extension should be a function of the subscriber template you're using to create users.

by default an "MWI-1" device is created and it has an "X" for the number (meaning to use the primary extension number associated with the user and not it's own extension).  The idea that "some" of the accounts aren't getting this is a wee bit strange around the edges - how accurate/complete is your description here?  Can you indicate what IS in the MWI section for these users?  How is the template being used setup?  If you create users manually using the same template in question is the MWI-1 device setup correctly?

Thanks for the quick reply.  It is odd, as I've not had this happen in other clusters that I've dealt with...what happens is that the 'inherit user extension' is checked off, the phone system is brought over properly, etc.  The bulk of the users information is being inherited through that process properly.

The users were exported from Unity 5 via COBRAS and imported via the same.  I haven't tried creating a new user yet, but that's a great point to try...

I'll update with the results of that test shortly.



And creating a new user manually works properly...very very strange...

probably not strange - what was the user you imported setup like?  COBRAS is not taken to randomly flipping data around for fun - I'm betting the user's were configured with extensions other than "X" in their MWI-1 setup and hence the "inherit from primary" was not checked... so that checkbox is not setup there but what IS the MWI-1 extension setup for?  Really need a full view of what's happening to do more than scratch my chin at what might be going on...

Just a final update...i ended up doing a user export and deleting and re-importing the user accounts missing an MWI reference back in from LDAP instead of the old Unity server and it cleared the issue...haven't dug into the Unity settings, but i'm at the same point, lindborg, with scratching my head and saying 'huh...'  they're all working now, though, and that's what really matters at this point.