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Unity Connection Schedule

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I work for a school district and we want to block calls from outside the district going to classrooms when they call in to the front office. Anyone can call the main line and then enter the classroom extension and it will ring. Is it even possible to have a schedule in place to forward external calls to voicemail but still allow inter-district calls?



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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame
I’m making a few assumptions in this answer:
- You meant intra-district (ie internal) calls should still be permitted.
- For some reason, both internal and external calls are using the same auto-attendant. I would have expected internal calls to call the classroom extension directly.

CUC can’t do exactly what you’re asking because it can’t evaluate the calling number as part of a Call Handler. CCX/IP IVR could since it has a full scripting language at it’s disposal.

As much as I detest it, this may be a use case for CUCM Time of Day routing on the incoming PSTN Gateway/Trunk CSS. During the day, add a Translation Pattern that changes the called number. This would allow you to match a different Call Handler on CUC that either doesn’t allow extension input (all Caller Input options are Locked) or had a CUC CSS that excludes the CUC Partition of all classroom mailboxes.