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Unity - Upgrade Error


Upgrading from 4.0(2) to 5.0(1) and changing hardware.

1st - upgraded 4.0(2) machine to 4.0(4) and applied SR1.

2nd - on the new server, installed win2k3 SP2, and 4.0(4) w/ SR1

3rd - DIRT backup old server, restored it to new - went just fine, all data and users imported perfectly.

4th - on the new machine, lauch the 5.0(1) setup and it stalls and gives this error:

“The name of this server was changed using a method that is no longer supported because of problems with SQL Server 2000. Before you can continue with the Cisco Unity upgrade, you must rename the server again using the currently supported procedure, which appears in the “Renaming a Cisco Unity Server or Moving a Cisco Unity Server to Another Domain” chapter of the Cisco Unity 4.x version of the “Reconfiguration and Upgrade Guide.”

I've followed that guide now twice, and still get this error. Anyone know what the issue is here?

Does the new server have to mactch the old one exactly as far as domain name, server name, etc, everything have to be name for name?

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Accepted Solutions

Please refer to to see if that's your issue. If this is your problem and you want to try the workaround, please contact Cisco TAC unless you are completely comfortable with mucking around in the Unity server SQL database. You can cause a lot more problems than you currently have if the database is modified incorrectly.

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Ginger Dillon

Hi -

From within SQL Query Analyzer on your new Unity server, please use the following query:

select @@servername

I'm thinking the SQL database, since it's been restored, has the name of the old Unity server in it. There are steps to change the server name within SQL, but please contact Cisco TAC before you consider making this change. For your review, here is the document I am referencing -