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Validation of CTL file on phones with e-tokens

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Hello Cisco community,


I was wondering how a phone with an existing ITL file can validate a new CTL which has been signed by etokens? I would assume that it uses TVS in oder to verify the signer (e-token). However I couldn't find these etokens in CUCM under the certificate trust stores. Does anyone know how the phone verifies the CTL and where the etokens reside on CUCM.


Thank you!

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Level 1

For everyone that's interested. I verified the behavior with Phone Console logs and TVS traces.

The phone contacts TVS and requests it to verify the signer of the CTL (in that case e-token).

TVS is able to find the e-token (signer) in CUCM with a Role = 0 (meaning SAST).

I haven't found the exact location of where CUCM stores these e-tokens. Yet we can conclude that CUCM is able to verify the signer even tough these e-tokens don't show up on the OS GUI.


If anyone knows where they reside, I would be happy to find out.


Thank you.