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Deutsche Telekom SIP trunk issues

David Winther
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We have implemented Cisco IPT at a site in Germany where they are using Deutsche Telekom as SIP provider. We have followed the guide:


 Connecting Cisco Unified Communication Manager 11.5.1 to Deutsche Telekom All IP SIP Trunks via Cisco Unified Border Element v11.5.2 [IOS-XE 16.3.3]

But still have many problems with the SIP trunk.

The first thing is that they are putting portnumber behind the IP in the Call-ID:


Call-ID: B1C215B7-9DCB11E9-9706BA9F-D4B27A61@

Call-ID: B1C215B7-9DCB11E9-9706BA9F-D4B27A61@

So, the CUBE thinks it’s a new call and will not send the new invite with authentication, so I have to make a SIP profile to remove the portnumber in the Call-id Not sure if that gives any other problems. Has anyone seen this before.? Is there another solution.?

In the document they are stating that they do support session refresh but when that is enabled, we can´t dial around 10 – 15 % mobile numbers. When we confronted the Telcon the answer was you should not put the require:timer on those calls were it isn´t in the “supported list”. And when I remove the session refresh we are able to call all numbers but then we get timing issues, calls disconnect.


Before they where running with a Innovaphone system with the same SIP trunk without problems.

So, my question is do any one in here have knowledge about running Deutsche telekom SIP trunk with CUCM.?

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