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Active Directory List Synchronizer


I am using this tool to synchronize AD distribution groups with VM distribution lists in Unity connection 8.6 and AD W2K8. I have gone through the process and linked the DG to the proper VM DL. First, it takes literally 6 minutes to login (I timed this) to any domain controller on the network. Second, When I go to run the application to synch the distribution list, I receive an error in the logs "Could not process group: A referral was returned from the server." The application thinks no members are in that group so it proceeds in ripping everyone out of my distribution list. Has anyone seen this issue with the application? I am running the latest version that was just updated in January.


Active Directory List Synchronizer

I figured this out. It had to do with users in the distribution list that were not valid. AD domain admins are in the process of moving domains and left users of the previous domain in the current domain's distribution list.  Once removed this worked fine. One thing I can add is this tool needs a beefy server to run off of if you have lots of lists that are constantly changing and need synchronization on a regular basis.

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Active Directory List Synchronizer

thanks for following up out here.

The tool itself is actually pretty light on code - it relies mostly on the AD libraries provided for .NET by Microsoft - those libraries are, indeed. a little heavy weight.  Not much that can be done on the tool side of the fence to trim things down unfortunately - in particular timeouts and long delays in fetching large numbers of objects require some unpleasant delays and such that can't be avoided.


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