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Centralized Unity Connection with multiple CM cluster design questions

hi all,

I have a case on centralized Unity Connection (CUC) with multiple CM cluster design. Since there are number conflict on CM cluster, e.g. two sites has Ext=2001. In order to use single unique number in CUC, we will use a unique DN e.g. 1002001 as the Site A CUC subscriber and 2002001 as Site B CUC subscriber.

In CM cluster A, I use voice mail mask 100XXXX, it works properly. (in where CUC is integrated with CM site A with SCCP). In Site B, CM is ICT with CM site A. And I configure same voice mail mask 200XXXX. and send the call to CM site A and then CUC.

However, from CUC, the voice mask not work in CM Site B and only CM site A works properly.

Can someone tell me voice mail mask across CM cluster works or not??

(info, I turn on QSIG between CM clusters, so that MWI can works properly).

hope someone can help as I ask Cisco local SE and cannot give any idea to me!




Hi Sam,

Is site B SCCP connected?


Indeed, I tried both :

1. If site b has sccp connection with CUC, it works.

2. But if site b has no sccp connection and just using ICT trunk to site a CM. Voice mask not work.

In my design, we cannot do sccp integration With other cm cluster. Any idea on it?


Does the call forward to voicemail work ok for users at site b?

i.e. it picks up the Voice Mail Mask when a call is forwarded into CUC (CFNA/B etc) and the caller arrives at the correct mailbox? Is the problem only when the user presses the 'Messages' button?


hi Matty,

CF works for site b. (i select call forward to Voicemail with voice mail mask)

the problem is the voice mail mask across the ICT does not work. I doubt voicemail mask not works if the VM system is not "directly" connect to UnityCN.


Hi Sam,

So you hear the default UC opening greeting on both the CF and when the Messages button is pressed?

So the system ignores the VoiceMail Mask in both cases?


hi Matty,

yes, both CF and message button only give "opening greeting". The problem is remote CM Site B does not include the voicemail mask. As mentioned, if Site B has SCCP UnityCN integration, Voicemail mask works. If it does not have integration, and just pass the call to Site A CM cluster which has UnityCN integration, voicemail mask will not work.

Any idea on it??


Hi Sam,

We had a problem some time ago where if unity connection was configured with SIP integration the messages button would not work (it ignored the voicemail mask). We got round this problem by using a translation pattern to manipulate the calling party number like you have above 200XXXX. I will have a look and see if I can find you some screen shots.

I'm not sure if you could use the same fix ICT! It would need to be tested.

You can use the RTMT tool on unity connection, there is a port monitor that will show you incoming calls and will help you understand what digits CM is sending in.


Hi Matty,

As I knownm translation pattern can only work in called and calling but not the redirecting number. As you known, UnityCN, check the "redirect" number so that it can forward to correct subscriber.

Indeed, I used the UnityCN port monitor and found CM sending IP Phone extension but not the voice mail mask to UnityCN. The only thing that I want to know is how to activate the VM mask when the VM is not "direct attached to CM via the SCCP integration".

any idea??



Hi Sam,

I've had a play in my lab but I do not have an ICT to try with!

I can make the Messages button work as above using a translation pattern and changing the calling party number, so I don't see why that would not work for you! Could you not setup a route pattern for the pilot number on the site b CUCM, then you would be able to used a called/calling party transform to manipulate the digits?


Hi Matt,

the problem is due to QSIG-ICT, anyway, i open a TAC case and got the ans as follows. anyway, thanks for your help.

    change callmanager service parameter  on cluster B Include: Voice Mailbox Address in QSIG Call Diversion APDUs   to TRUE

change callmanager service parameter  on cluster B Include:  Copy QSIG DivertingNr to Redirecting Number    to TRUE.


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