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Connecting to Unity Connection database

I've worked with connecting to UCCX and CUCM databases in the past and would like to do the same for Unity Connection for a project I'm working on.  Is there a way of connecting to CUC with AXL (like CUCM) or with the Informix client SDK (like CUCCX)?  I found a link that tells me about CUDLI (, but I am connecting from Linux so I don't think this will work for me.

Cisco, if you're reading this - please standardize these connections across your platforms.  It's silly to have to use different methods each time.

Cisco Employee

The standard remote connection mechanism for all products is supposed to be migrating to REST based - which, of course, Connection supports:

The client SDK is really just ODBC - yes, you can do that for Connection as well - although you're on your own for figuring that out for Linux - you'll need to download the client drivers from IBM directly (the Windows drivers are available here:

There are 4 DBs - you can explore them using CUDLI you noted above: - the directory DB (UnityDirDb) is by far the most used.  CUDLI allows you to explore all the tables, views and stored procedures as well as view the data dictionary for the version of Connection you're attached to - I get you're a Linux house but I trust a Windows box of some flavor is available somewhere - it can be very helpful, I use it all the time.

The connection string used to attached to Connection using Informix's ODBC connection looks like this: "Host=;Server=ciscounity;Service=20532;User ID=<login name>; password=<password>;Database=UnityDirDb;DB_LOCALE=en_us.utf8;CLIENT_LOCALE=en_us.utf8;Protocol=onsoctcp"

You'll need to turn on the ODBC proxy service on Connection and install the client SDK from IBM - other than that you should be good to go.


Do you know when they're migrating to REST?


Can't speak to products outside my own (Connection) - the interfaces for the cloud based products is all REST that I've seen already - not sure if the legacy enterprise products are all going to retool for REST or not. 


Well, we're running 10.5 for everything.  How do I find out?  I have quite a few projects coming up this year and I wouldn't mind changing to the new standard sooner.  SOAP is a pain.

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