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CUE Script

I am trying to configure a script that has a time of day component


Building menus one for school hours and one for After hours


During 8:00 am to 3:00 no teacher should get a phone call from a  parent


After 3:00 pm parents should be able to call the classroom directly.


Classroom number are 3 digits.


How can I send a parent directly to teachers voicemail during school hours and ring the phone after school hours.

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Re: CUE Script

I am not really familiar with Unity Express, but this is straight out of the design guide:


You can set up routing calls from the Cisco Unity Express AA based on TOD is a feature introduced in
Cisco Unity Express 2.1. Business schedules (Voice Mail > Business Hours Settings) and Holiday lists
(Voice Mail > Holiday Settings). These routing calls can guide your system or custom AA prompts and
call treatment.


Considerations for Customizing the System AA
The highlighted greeting fields in the preceding AA operational system flow are greetings you can record
to be used with the system AA. There are also several more script variables that you can set to the
appropriate values for your office. These include the following:
• Whether or not transfers to local extensions, or to all destinations are allowed (parameter
• The number of times the main menu is repeated if no, or erroneous, input is received (parameter
• The operator extension where calls should be transferred if you choose 0 from the menu (parameter
• The schedule that specifies the business hours for your office (parameter businessSchedule).
The following aspects of the system AA cannot be customized:
• Flow of the system AA.
• Menu choices (press 1 for…, press 2 for…).
• The welcome greeting is non-interruptible and must finish before digit input from a caller is acted
• You cannot enter extension numbers without choosing an action from the menu.
If you find the system AA generally satisfactory for your purposes but want to adjust a few of the items
above that cannot be customized, get a copy the system AA script, edit it to add the feature or operation
you require and install it on Cisco Unity Express as a custom AA script. The system AA cannot be
uploaded or copied from the Cisco Unity Express system itself, so the easiest way to get a copy of it is
to use the “aa_sample1.aef” available on the Cisco Unity Express software CD.


Do you have a copy of the script and can you post it?

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