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PLM "Invalid username or Password" for some users

 We have a Cisco Prime License Manager deployed that two users previously logged into. One always logged in remotely over VPN, the other always logged in by local networks. Recently, the local user can not login anymore. The remote user can still login by VPN. When this happened, the remote user created a second admin account for testing. The same remote user can login with that second account just fine, but still the local user gets the error message. 


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 9.50.34 AM.png

Can you tell us how to trouble shoot this? 


  • Where do we see the login logs for PLM?
  • We don't remember setting any access by system firewall or anything, but there could be if a former admin set it up. It is running on Windows server VM. We think it is not the windoes firewall issue because we can all get to the login page by https at least.
  • Can a user logged in to PLM as admin remotely, set access to the system by IP? 
  • Can the server admin find a way by command line to monitor the login for better login error messages?

Thanks for any advice or ideas.



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