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Unified Communications Applications + Virtualization

Hey there.

We have deployed our telephony infrastructure using UCS C210 and ESXi 4.1 few months ago.

As we are not in the rush anymore I have few questions that are still not answered here.

We have :

  • 3 CUCM
  • 2 CUC
  • 2 CUPS
  • 2 UCCX

Everything is running on ESXi 4.1 build 348481.

We experienced some IO problem with the ESXi (We are not using VCenter by the way, just ESXi) and that screwed our CUCM / CUC. I had to insert the recovery disk and repair some blocks.

We have to plan our backup policy with more sense and I could not find any informations regarding VMware snapshots

The only doc I found is here :

and says

VMware Snapshots

NOTE: support varies by app and version. Before reading the best practices below, verify support at Supported Editions and Features of VMware vSphere ESXi, VMware vCenter and VMware vSphere Client. For more details on Cisco Unity support, see

Used to preserve the state of a VM without copying or creating  additional VMs, effectively as a backup/restore or reversion technique.  See also VMware Data Recovery and Copy Virtual Machine.

I have checked into the doc and I did not find any confirmations that snapshots can/must/should be used for Backups.

Actually we are shutting the VM once a year to perform a full VMDK cloning.

Thanks for letting me know as I think, this can be useful for a lot of people

Thanks a lot guys !


CCIE #29410 RS

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Cisco Employee

Unified Communications Applications + Virtualization

Hi Nicolas,

Please reference the following table for VMware feature support per UC application:

At this time, snapshots are not supported for CUCM 8.x and CUCM 9.



Unified Communications Applications + Virtualization

Do you have a vCPU left free for the ESXi scheduler? - this is a requirement for CUC deployments.

The statement re. this is in the link below and states "

If there is at least one live Unity Connection VM on the physical server, then one CPU core per physical server must be left unused (it is actually being used by ESXi scheduler)."


Unified Communications Applications + Virtualization

Hi guys and thanks.

So at the moment the only way to backup some VM is to shutdown the VM and then copy vmdk's files and to store them somewhere.

If anyone can share some experience with UC Vmware Backups, would be glad to discuss about it


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