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Unity 5.0 to Unity Connection 9.1.2 migration and setup

This setup will be on cluster - Publisher and Subscriber.

Subscriber will be at DR site across WAN and act Passive-Standby only.

My high level plans are like this

- Setup new unity connection with different ip

- Export database from Unity using COBRAS export

- Import the database to Unity Conn using COBRAS import

- Configure anything that can't be migrated

- Conf new line group, new hunt list, new hunt pilot, new vm profile, new MWI on/off etc without touching existing one at CUCM

- For the switch over, change the existing voice mail pilot profile to new voice mail pilot.

Fall back plan

- switch back voice mail pilot no to old no

I have a few questions

1. Once i use COBRAS import tool to import Unity database to Unity Conn, for exchange mailbox it just remap to new unity connection?

any downtime or affected if i want to fall back?

2. Previous voice ports on Unity 5 are 96 ports (refer screen below), since it's migrating from existing .. new server need to configure 96 ports also? Do i need to create 2 port groups? 1 for publisher and 1 for subscriber 96/2? Client requirement Subs at DR site will takeover the function if Pubs down only.

unity 5 lic.jpg

2. As i understand Unity HA architecture both server will process the call (Active-Active), how im going to configure if DR site will take over only when Pubs down?


You need to rebuild things that COBRAS doesn't migrate in advance of the import. Examples include the UM Service, Class of Service, User Template(s), Service Parameters, Phone System integration, etc. COBRAS is the last step.

  1. You need to configure a UM Service and associate it to the user template. Be sure that you understand the differences between Unity UM and Single Inbox on CXN. They are NOT the same in some cases.
  2. Server ports are limited by the OVA you chose and the audio codecs you enable. Ports are no longer a licensed feature so configure the maximum allowed.
  3. You need to read the CXN SRND on HA behavior. The subscriber node is the PRIMARY node for all call processing operations with overflow/failover being handled by the publisher. The publisher normally processes all non-call traffic (e.g. Exchange EWS integration, user/admin UIs, MWI operations, etc. You cannot change this behavior. If the customer wants the call traffic to not hit the DR site under normal circumstances you need to put the publisher there.

PS- You may want to consider a SIP-based integration instead of SCCP. It's far simpler in my opinion.

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Hello Mohd,

On you high level plans make sure to check:


Before starting migration, you need to configure Connection with the ELM server. For more information on configuring Connection with the ELM server, refer to the ELM user guide at:

Here are some usefull guides to have a better understanding for setting up the ports:

Configuring Voice Messaging Ports for a Cisco Unity Connection Cluster

Planning How the Voice Messaging Ports Will Be Used by Cisco Unity Connection

And in regards to the ports, there really isn't a limit of ports you can add on CUC 9.x however you will only be allowed to use the amount that supported on your server platform.

If you are going to have a cluster you will need to port groups:

You create two port groups for the SCCP integration:

The first port group contains half the voice messaging ports for the Cisco Unified CM integration (including answering and dialout ports) configured as described in the applicable chapter of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager SCCP Integration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 9.x.

The second port group contains the remaining half of the ports for the Cisco Unified CM integration (including answering and dialout ports) as described in the applicable chapter of the same guide.

Yes in the Unity Connection HA arquitecture both are (Active-Active) meaning that both can take calls at the same time, however best practices are to let the Subscriber mainly handle the calls, this will be defined by the way you configure the the line groups available in the hunt list. So ideally you will have all the Subscriber voicemail port extensions on the first line group and all of the Publishers ont he second line group, it will be up to the algorythm you set you determine that if you ports are available on the First line group which belongs to the Sub it will continue with the second line group

(With a Cisco Unity Connection cluster configured) Select Top Down.

No Answer

Accept the default of Try Next Member; Then, Try Next Group in Hunt List.


Accept the default of Try Next Member; Then, Try Next Group in Hunt List.

Not Available

Accept the default of Try Next Member; Then, Try Next Group in Hunt List.




thanks for the reply.

To clarify again im using 5000 user for VMware configurations templates. From what i read the maximum ports can configured up to 250 ports. Since the isn't a limit ports to add on CUC 9.x should i proceed with that?


The second link in my reply takes you directly to the limits of the 5000 user OVA.


Should be 200 ports then, i'll applied that.

Thanks Jonathan


Another question, this setup user should able to retrieve vmail from Ms Outlook to (unified messaging). Only user/extension with exchange mailbox only available to retrieve the email?


Hello Mohd,

That would be on the following guide:

Configuring Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 and Later and Microsoft Exchange for Unified Messaging



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