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Unity 5 message monitoring issues

Having trouble enabling message monitoring. I have checked the box to enable it on the phone view tab. I have an application user called phoneviewuser which I associated the phone to that user which is then associateed to a MessageMonitor group. I have users associate the phones, when the users press the voicemail button > setup options > personal options > Message monitor they receive a message stating that message monitor is on but directed to different phone extension, to enable to this extension press 1. When they press 1 they get a message stating that message monitor cannot be displayed on this phone. We have tried this with 7941s and 7960s and we get the same message. Am I missing something here??


We experienced the exact same problem - which is now resolved :)

Are you using 10 digits?

If so install Unity 5.0(1)ES38

Phone View features does not work with 10 digit extensions

This may be the problem:


The binding fails even that the phone number is correct. The list retrieved shows incorrect phone numbers: DN=<-2121054402>. However that user shows as verified as Authorized.

Cisco found this bug:



Cisco Unity Phone View Visual Message Locator and Message Monitor features do not work for DNs of 10 digits in the range 2147483647-9999999999 or DNs longer than 10 digits.

When viewed in UTIM Phone View device verification or UDT diagnostics, devices of this range appear as negative numbers or incorrect numbers.


Cisco Unity 5.0(1) when using the Cisco Unity Phone View Message Monitor or Visual Message Locator features, or when attempting to verify phone devices via the UTIM Phone View configuration page.


Install Unity 5.0(1)ES21 or later.

After the install was complete - it took 30 minutes before the features started to work.

I hope it helped,

Peter Neblett

Thanks for the reply but we are only using 4 digits extensions at this particular site.

Did you get this resolved? I'm running into the issue.

This project has become active again and I still receiving the same error message. Has anybody else got any ideas as to why this is happening or resolved this issue??

Hi Chris,

I have seen this issue quite frequently. Check the Authentication URL on CCM in Enterprise Parameters. Replace the hostname with the IP address of the Publisher. Reset the phones and then give it another shot. If that doesn't resolve it, I strongly recommend the Phone View troubleshooting guide:

Hope this helps. If so, please rate.


My issue was the Authentication URL on CCM in Enterprise Parameters. Brad was the TAC engineer that fixed this issue for me....thanks Brad.

Well the customer uses Syn-apps for message broadcast so the current Authentication URL is set to the syn-apps authentication.


I have not used that app but I would say there has to be another way...I use Cistera for paging and broadcast messaging and they do not require us to modify the URL Authentication. Give syn-apps a call ask them if there is alternative to using the URL Authentication in Enterprise Parameters.

Phone View requires that Authentication URL. I've only heard of 1 other customer who got it working but they were using InformaCast I believe. I think they moved all of their associated phones to their InformaCast user in CCM, and changed their Phone View login credentials on the Unity server in UTIM to use the InformaCast user. Not sure if this will work the same way for you but you can try.


I will try that out then and see what happens.


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