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Unity Connection 1.2 upgrade to Unity Connection 2.x

There doesn't seem to be a clean upgrade process from UC 1.x to UC 2.x. Oly the export/migration utility from Am I reading correctly, it will only migrate subscribers, not call handlers or other stuff? Anyone have a good process to follow?


OK, here is the first gotcha to look out for. In version 1.x we were able to use the custom key mapping tool, no longer available in CUC2.x.

yes - the admin interface for custom key maps did not make it into CUC 2.x (the key mapping engine is actually in there, you just can administer it since off box file access is denied and the web based admin could not fit the feature into the schedule).

Unity Connection 7.0(1) (in EFT soon - see Laura's post looking for folks to sign up for that) has all 3 custom key maps available in the web based admin now.

I did not see Laura's post, can you send me the link?

Next Gotcha, not too bad though, the import tool seemed to have expired all the users passwords, so they are forced to change them next logon.

I believe the password expiration value is pulled from the subscriber template selected for the restore process - by default this will be configured to require a PW change on first login.

Laura's EFT notice can be found here:

No, we changed the template before we migrated. It sets both the voicemail and web application to expired.

Thanks for the link.

I can attest that the greetings do not get migrated, only the voice names. It would seems simple enough.

My workaraound is that I performed a DIRT backup on the 1.2 version. I then went through every wav file and renamed them to the extension. Then set them using the media master under each user. Very labor intensive.

Understood that it's labor intensive - wish I could do something about it but I simply can't - the 2.x platform is a "security first" approach and off box file access is heavily restricted (hence the painstaking setup of the SFTP server required for the migration process). I know it _seems_ like it should be a no-brainer to include greetings in the mix but trust me, it's anything but.

As noted earlier, the Connection 7.0 product will have a far more robust migration scheme that will include greetings an just about all subscriber and call handler related settings as well as support for migrating from Unity 4.x and later as well as CUC 1.2. Off box file/DB access and stream server access is now an option (off by default, of course) which makes such things considerably easier to pull off.

The forced password reset thing sounds like a bug to me - it should be using the template for that, not forcing it on all the time. The admin crew should look at that.

That's where we drew the line. End users need to run through first time enrollment to set their personal greeting.

Also note, bulk edit tool will not handle 10 digits. Limited to 9. It's a bug they are working on.


Overall, I would advise that this is not an upgrade at all. Anyone interested going from unity connection 1.x to 2.x should consider and plan like it is a totally new installation.

Has anyone heard updates on this process. I am in a situation where I have to upgrade 1.21 to 2.x and can't seem to find any links on Cisco's website.

Any help would be appreciated.



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