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Unity Connection 8.5 to 9.x upgrade licensing question

We currently have both CUCM and Unity Connection systems running on the 8.5 version. We are starting to plan to move both systems to 9.1, we found the Cisco License Count Utility (UCT) tool that helps you plan for migrating your CUCM licensing from the DLU model in 8.5 to the UCL or CUWL model with ELM in 9.1. Does anyone have any information on how this transition works for Unity Connection licenses. we currently have close to 850 mailbox licenses on Unity Connection that we would like to merge into the CUWL licensing model post upgrade, but we aren't sure how the transition works.


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Ryan,

Here's how the license migration works;

Migrate from a Previous Release

These three scenarios are supported in order to migrate to Release 9.x       Unity Connection licenses. In all three scenarios, the end result prior to the       request for a Release 9.x license is that data is populated in the       tbl_CUCLegacyLicenseInfo table in UnityDirDb database. Once this information is       present, the same process is followed to request a migrated Release 9.x       license.

In-place Upgrade of a Previous Version of Unity Connection to       Unity Connection Release 9.x

License data is automatically copied into the table in the upgrade       process.

Migration from a Previous Version of Unity Connection to a New       Release 9.x Server via COBRAS

  1. Download and run the latest version of Cisco Objected Backup and           Restore Application Suite (COBRAS) Export for Unity tool from           Cisco Unified Communication           Tools.

  2. Choose License Details for Migration to Connection 9.x and           Later.

    This option requires the OS administration credentials and NOT the           application administration account used to run COBRAS.

  3. Download and run the latest version of COBRAS Import for Unity tool,           Release 1.2.10 or later, from Cisco           Unified Communication Tools.

  4. Choose at least one object to import. There is not a way to only           import license data.

    After the import is complete, the SQL table is updated if the import           was successful.

Migration from Microsoft Windows-based Unity Connection to a       New Unity Connection Release 9.x Server via COBRAS

  1. Download and run the latest version of COBRAS Export for Unity tool,           Release 7.0.121 or later, from Cisco Unified Communication           Tools.

  2. Run an export. The current license information will be included in           the export data.

    Note: There is not a specific option that needs to be checked. It will             always be included.

  3. Run the latest version of COBRAS Import for Unity tool, Release           1.2.10 or later, from Cisco Unified           Communication Tools. For the wizard to proceed, choose at least one           object.

  4. After the import is complete, the tbl_CUCLegacyLicenseInfo SQL table           is updated if the import was successful.

With data populated in tbl_CUCLegacyLicenseInfo by some combination of       the above methods, complete these steps to request and install a migrated       license file:

Note: The server must be registered with ELM first.

  1. Log in to the ELM administration interface to which the server is           registered.

  2. Choose License Management > License Planning > Upgrade           Licenses.

  3. In the Product Type field, choose Unity Connection.           Click Next.

  4. In the Available Product Instances field, choose the server in           question. Click the arrow to move the server name to Product Instances to           Upgrade. Click Next.

  5. Verify the license counts. Click           Next.

  6. Optionally, view/save the summary report.

  7. Click Finish & Generate           Request.

  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to copy/save the text output and           paste it into the           Product           License Registration migration portal.

    Once the above steps are completed, the license file will be           emailed.

  9. To apply the license file in ELM, choose License Management           > Licenses. Click Install License File and upload           the received license file.



"go easy...step lightly...stay free " 

- The Clash


I guess I need to clarify a little, the question isn't so much how the migration actually works, but what we get for licensing after the migration. On the CUCM side it's our understanding that you "exchange" DLUs for licenses, in which we can pick to get CUWL licenses, and if we get CUWL Standard licenses this should cover us for for the CUCM side and the messaging side. So what happens with our existing messaging licenses, do they also convert to CUWL licenses?

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Ryan,

Sorry about that my friend (my BAD!)

I believe you can choose UCL or CUWL licenses during the

final migration step (but we have not done this yet)

Q: In  CUCM 7.x some DLUs were supposed to be consumed as features, such as  SNR. If the end user did not configure those features, can those unused  DLUs be converted to extra licenses in 9.x?

A:  During the 9.x upgrade, all the unused DLU's will be taken into account.  Only during the upgrade, this calculation is being done.

You can then define your UCL/CUWL requirement , while generating the " License Migration Request".

Don't forget to check out the Drive to 9 docs as well



"go easy...step lightly...stay free " 

- The Clash

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