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Unity Connection 8.6.2 & UCM Call Input Transfer Alternate Contact

This is a brand new installation of CUC 8.6.  I have configured myself as a voicemail user.   I then went to edit my caller input. I changed option 1 to transfer to Alternate Contact Number.  The extension number is a valid 10 digit extension that is configured in Call Manager, example 3175551212.

CUC and UCM are integrated via a SIP trunk.  The CSS on the SIP trunk does have access to the partition 3175551212 is assigned to.

I have not made any changes to the CSS or Partitions in CUC.

I did go to the Restrictions Table then the default transfer & default system transfer and added 317555????.

When I call my DN and get my voicemail I press the number 1 and hear, "Wait while I transfer your call.  Sorry this number is busy."  Then it repeats my voicemail greeting.  I know for a fact 3175551212 is not busy. 

To me it appears CUC does not have the ability to send the call back to call manager.  I am not sure what I am missing. 

Thanks is advance for any guidence


Matt McAuley

Hit the directory call handler and dial another extension to establish if this is an issue with all dial out request.

I have an SCCP integration to UCM with this version have had no issues.

Have you configured up some ports to dial out?

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Thanks Matt for the suggestion.

I called the system directory handler and tried to dial a NON voicemail user.  The system told me it did not reconize that as a valid extension.

If I dialed the number of a configured voicemail user the call went through just fine.

So it appaers to be across the board.

It is wierd though becasue when I created a new directory handler I set it to use the phone to record.  The number I told it to call was a NON VM user and it was able to dial that number.  That was the same number I told the directory handler to transfer me to and it could not.

I have 250 ports configured.  50 of them are set for dial out and not to answer.  This is still in test so only 3 users on the the system right now.



Try setting up a new system call handler with the extension 3175551212 and under the transfer rules setup standard action to transfer call to extension 3175551212.  Then on the existing system call handler setup the caller input 1 action to transfer to the new system call handler attempt transfer.  This is a the same setup as pressing "0" for the operator but now you are pressing "1" for 3175551212.

If this works it could be a bug.

Live2 Bicycle

Here is the resolution.  I opened a TAC case and went back and forth between the CUC and UCM team.  It turned out to be a miss configuration in Unity Connection.

The Device pool I configured in UCM for my sip trunks was -- MH-DEV2

The call manager servers in that DEV Pool were 1st, 2nd and 3rd

In Unity Connection on the PORT GROUPS then the SIP SERVERS I had:

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th

TAC had me change the SIP SERVERS to match the device pool configured servers.  Once I did that calls could be forwarded from Unity Connection back to call manager.

Hope this Helps someone else!!

Thanks!  That was my issue as well. 


I had the same symptom. I didn't have the rerouting CSS configured on the SIP trunk. Once I put that on there it started working for me.


I had a similar issue to this (I only say this because when I was searching for " Unity Transfer to alternate contact number not working" this thread came up)

My set up is CUCM 8.6 and CUC 7.1.3, with a SIP Trunk to integrate between the two.

Everything was set correctly that I could see, Calling search spaces, etc etc.

When I did a "Transfer to alternate contact number" in the caller input section and put in the extension of someone on the CUCM, I would get the "Wait while I transfer your call..." Then 5-10 seconds of silence, and the call would disconnect.

If I set the caller input to transfer to another call handler, and do "Attempt transfer for" rather than "Transfer to greeting" of the same number I originally had, it would work.

The fix for me was to go to my port group basics and change my SIP trunk port group transport type to UDP instead of TCP.  I checked all of the other suggestions as above and I could not get it to work any other way.

My SIP Trunk security profile in CUCM is set to TCP+UDP Transport type Incoming, and TCP only outgoing.

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