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Unity Connection - VPIM License Ordering

I noticed that Unity Connection 7.0 does not come with a VPIM license.  I have also read that VPIM connections from Unity to Unity Connection are does that work? (

How does one go about ordering a 7.0 VPIM license?  I took a look in the DCT and the only part number for VPIM was as below, and the demo license of Unity Connection does not allow for using backwards-compatable licenses (we are testing in our lab first).

UNITYCN2-VPIM= VPIM networking for Unity ConnectionUSD 1,000.00Non Configurable

Thanks in advance,


Ginger Dillon

Hi -

You have to purchase a VPIM license for the Unity side -

This is current for Unity version 8 and applied to the version 7 system I worked with as the Unity bridgehead server.  Once you get to Unity Connection version 8, it appears digital networking will be supported -

Regards, Ginger

Found this by trial and error:

Unity Connection does not come with a VPIM license using the demo license or when bundled with CUCMBE.  It does automatically come with a license when purchased or through a UCSS ugprade.

Unity 7/8 also comes with VPIM per the ordering guide:

Cisco Unity 7.0 Highlights
To a large extent, the pricing, packaging, and ordering for Cisco Unity Version 7.0 is very similar to that from Version
5.0. However, the licensing has been drastically simplified as part of the 7.0 release. Separate licenses for IMAP,
Cisco Unity Connection Inbox (web access) speech access and TTS have been eliminated and are now included with
user licenses. Additionally, distinct unified messaging and voicemail part numbers have been combined. All functions
are offered under a single, low-cost user license that can be used for either voicemail or unified messaging.
Furthermore, licensing for adaptive multimedia information system (AMIS), VPIM, and additional languages have
been eliminated and now come with all Cisco Unity Server licenses.

Once the client upgrades to 8, they can remove the VPIM and create the integration via digital networking.

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