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UNITY DB Missing

     I am trying to install a UNity 4.0.2 on a new replacement server. When I try and run the Services configuration it fails 0X80004005, When I check i SQL there is no UNITYDB..

How can i fix this?

Cisco Employee

I would suggest you check the tempu.log for errors and see if that leads you anywhere.  Then try re-running the Unity install/setup.exe.

The UnityDb is created before the reboot is initiated, and before the Services Configuration Wizard is kicked off.

Good luck!

Thanks I reran the install with no luck still. I ma going to try and re download the unity code again and see what happens...

The log just stops and show nothing


I would try running Commserver>ConfigMgr.exe, click Advanced button.  Run the "Run Database Configuration Script".  If that doesn't create the UnityDb, try running "Run Database Extended Script".

Hope that helps,


Thanks I will try now

I am getting farther.. Two of the 32 services failed due to invalid creditintals  How canyou rerun the services configuration

Cisco Employee

Tools Depot>Admin tools section should have services configuration wizard option.

The configure services run but it fails with an unknown error then continues on and I get two failures taht look like creditinals,.,

Not sure what to do from here. I do have failures in the Event log under security.

Cisco Employee

Check that you didn't miss anything with regards to permissions.

Specifically, you should have created a domain account for:  Unity install, Unity Msg Store Svc and for Unity Dir Svc.  These 3 are separate because of specific needs of each and trying to use one for all 3 instances will result in failures.

If you need to create new accounts, then re-run Permissions Wizard while logged on as an account that Domain Administrator permissions.  You should run Services Configuration Wizard while logged in as the Unity install account.

One other thing crossed my mind after I sent the last response-- is the replacement system set up exactly as the original, i.e. with the same Operating system, service packs and versions of mailstore?

Make sure that the system has supported software + SPs as per this link:

I think I got it finally.. It was permissions on the install account it had a bunch that shouldnt be there..

I went back thru all settings and permissions, permission wizard and all X-fingers looks better..

Thanks fo rall the help..

In 10 years tis has been the worse Unity install ever

It looks like the root of all this was CD2.. I downloaded Cd1 and 2 again and verofied the size

of the uncompressed folder. The one I uses was 224 mb and it should have been 356.. I reran the the Unit install and it cleaned up SQl, and then permissions ,.

All the suggestions from you guys were bang on at each stage..

It just finished configuring.. now for the dirt restore and see what happens

Thanks for all the replies

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Sonya and Brad,

Great follow through on this thread! +5 points for each of you for your excellent

work here



Rob I agree and the beauty is how fast the responded,, When you are stuc kdoing an install and cannot always

get to tac this is great to get such quick responses,,

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