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Unity UM 'unidentified caller' problem between Unity servers


We are simulating a clients UM setup using Unity 4.0(5) befor we migrate everything to Unity 7.0(2) and CUCM 7.1(3).

We setup 2 Unity servers in different locations in one AD domain. Each location also has its own Exchange 2003 servers which the Unity servers are pointing to as its message store. We are also integrating with one CCM cluster 4.1(3). VMO is also enabled on users Outlook.

Sending voicemail messages between users within the Unity servers works fine. Users are able to see the sendees name on the email message and Live reply is functioning.

However, sending voicemail messages accross Unity servers have some issues. Users are seeing the messages as coming from the Unity server itself and not from the user who sent it. The email header would like this:

     From:      Unity Messaging System - [server-name]

     To:          [user-name]

     Subject:     Message from an unidentified caller ([caller-extn-number])

The media message would play just fine. But live reply is not possible.

Using the Call Viewer, the number being displayed are correct while the call is in progress.

Did some checking using CUDLE and both Unity servers have all the subscribers extensions on DTMFAccessID table and on the GlobalSubscriber table all the users from both Unity are there.

Anybody from the forum have encountered this before?

Appreciate it if somebody can share some thoughts on how to solve this problem.

Thanks and kind regards,


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Re: Unity UM 'unidentified caller' problem between Unity servers

Have you configured digital networking between the 2 Unity systems?  To me, what you are describing makes sense.  You have 2 separate systems.  Unity knows about items that belong or are associated to it (i.e., your intra-system communication works as desired).  But, it does not know about information (other than calling info) related to the separate system.  My first suggestion would be to read up on digital networking - doesn't require any additional licensing as it's Unity to other words, VPIM isn't a concern here.


Re: Unity UM 'unidentified caller' problem between Unity servers

Thanks for the reply.

That was actually the point of our setup to simulate digital networking between Unity server. Locations and dialing domains were setup as per the documentation but still we're stuck with the problem of 'unidentified caller' when messaging between Unity servers and we're not sure what is causing the problem. Messaging between the exchange servers have no issues by the way.


Re: Unity UM 'unidentified caller' problem between Unity servers

Problem solved.

From Cisco Unity Tools Depot > Advanced Settings Tool > Networking - Enable Identified Subsriber Messaging (ISM) for AMIS, Bridge and VPIM subscribers, set value to 1.

Set the same value for the other Unity servers then reboot.

Messages between subscribers in different Unity/Exchange servers are now showing the sendee's name/extension and live reply is now possible.


Re: Unity UM 'unidentified caller' problem between Unity servers

Excellent.  I knew you needed to setup something on the Networking side but it's been a while since I've worked with Unity networking.  My recent experiences have been standalone Unity systems in UM and then networked Unity Connection systems.  Good catch.  I'll have to fire my Unity lab VM back up and reacclimate myself.  Thanks for your follow-up with the solution.  Not a lot of folks do that.

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