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Unity upgrade and migration

Hi there,

We're looking to move Unity 4.0(2) (Unified with Exchange) from an unsupported platform, to a new MCS that has Unity 4.2 installed on it, and will be Unifying with a new Exchange server.

The issue is that the 4.0(2) box is a live system and we're trying to plan our way through the migration with minimal disruption to the some 400 users of voicemail.

The major task we can see from this is a way of migrating the 400 users of voicemail across but we're finding the DiRT documentation full of thorns (Specifically related to versions of Unity). Any clues as to which is the best way we should plan this move?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Rising star

DiRT Restore would only work on the same version of Unity. So if you want to replace the box, you will have to first install Unity 4.0(2) and then upgrade that to Unity 4.2(1). There is no tool available which can take a backup from one versoin and restore it to another.

The following link should help you with using a new server for Unity 4.0(2)

Document for Upgrading Unity 4.0(2) to latest 4.x shipping version (Unity 4.2(1))

Thanks for the reply!

We don't want to carry the majority of settings from one Unity platform to another so the only thing we're concerned about is a bulk import of the subscribers (Ideally exported from the old server into CSV then importing into the new server using this CSV file). Is there a way of doing this and is it compatible between versions? Cheers.

Check if Migrate Subscriber Data will help you.

Please ensure that you refer the Help Guide and Watch the training Video.


Thanks for your replies - we're attempting to try a mixture of the Subscriber Information Dump tool and the bulk import wizard to get this all up and running.

yes, that should also work

One more question!

Will running the ADSchemaSetup from the new version of Unity box stop the old Unity server from working? The old Unity server is homed to an Exchange 2000 box whereas the new server will be homed to Exchange 2003.

Many thanks.

Just to clarify. No it will not stop the old unity from working working, the ADschema only extends the correct information between doina controllers or so I read in Cisco Unity doc.

New Unity with 4.2X OS 2003 in a unified enviroment with message store Exchange 2003.

Old Unity 4.0.2 with Exch 200

Once you have the new unity up and running with the correct permissions and partnering with Exch 2003, you will have to remove the association from the old unity account to the old exchange 2000 server, this due to users as being part of the AD in your windows 2003 enviroment. I don't know if the new unity is part of the root domain or a child domain. Once you remove the association with the removesubscriber utility as know as the Bunny killer, then you can import the subscribers back into the new unity from AD. You have to remove the association from the old unity so you can successfully import accounts into the new Unity. The time this will take it depends on the amount of data you are moving but probably it will have to be done over a weekend.



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