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Unity - Upgrade/Move - Exchange Issue's


So, I followed all the directions for upgrading to 4.0(4) and moving to new hardware.

Well, the upgrade is finished and I DIRT Backup/Restored the info to the to be 5.x machine that is currently 4.0(4). Everyting seemed fine.

I run DBWalker and get this for every subscriber:

"1619:(error) The MailboxStoreObjectID value referenced for this subscriber is not found in the MailboxStore table in the database. This is a serious error, you should contact TAC for help."

Go into Exchange Admin and into the mailstore - there's not a single mailbox for one of our subscibers in there. Go into Active Directory User and Computers, and all the users are there, and it says they have a mailbox, but it doesn't show the server/store like it should.

So, obviously I missed something in the restore portion or somewhere.

I've tried the Cisco Solution# K48437842 - but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Anyone seen this before? The old 4.0(4) server I ran the DIRT backup on was Exchange 2000, the new 4.0(4) server has Exchange 2003. If this is the problem, I sure didn't see that in the Install and Upgrade guide anywhere..


Rising star
Rising star

Can you re-run message store configuration wizard from Add/Remove Programs. Once this is done, the server should re-sync with AD and pull information for the AD

I've rerun the message store configuration twice now.. Still no mailboxes showing up in Exchange.

The TAC agent I'm working with wanted to make sure I selected "Include subscriber messages" was selected when I did the DIRT backup.. of course I had that checked.

Well, I've rebuilt the entire 4.0(4) server.. Did a new backup and restore with DIRT, and I'm still getting the same error.

I've got to be missing something here. I'm even following the exact directions and TAC engineer gave me.

Tommer Catlin

Here is what i found works well. (just did it)

I had a 4.0x Unity server with Exchange 2003. I installed the new Unity 5.x server and intergrated to existing Exchange 2003

I digitally network the (2) unity servers together.

Ran Global Subscriber Migration on new server. (follow the setup rules about sharing the streaming directory)

Moved everyone to the new Unity server.

Changed UTIM settings for all ports to CUCM

Re-created the Callhandlers and system settings on new Unity server.

Old server is now dismanteled.

The whole importing/exporting is a mess. I have another install coming up and going to try this process again. Seem to work well this time. All users never knew it was different. Kept their greetings, pins, etc.


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