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Using Unity Connection with Avaya phone system


I am in the process of deploying CUCM 7.1 and Unity Connection 7.1 for a customer with several sites. One of the sites has an Avaya IP telephony system which will be replaced in 2012.

The Avaya system connects to the CUCM cluster using H.323. Calls between both systems work fine.

My issue is that the customer has some users on the Avaya system that need voicemail but he does not want to buy any more Avaya voicemail licenses. He wants to find a way to use the Unity Connection system to provide voicemail for these users.

If I set the CFB and CFNA destinations on an Avaya phone to the pilot number (3000) on CUCM for Unity Connection the call is forwarded via the H.323 link but when it hits Unity Connection it appears as a direct call and plays the user login greeting rather than normal voicemail greeting for the user.

Is there any simple way to resolve this? - I cannot integrate Unity Connection directly with the Avaya system as (according to the customer) it does not support SIP.



Hi James

The missing bit of info that makes Unity decide that it is a forwarded call is the 'Redirecting' number element. I presume you've added the Avaya as a H.323 gateway? If so, make sure you have checked the 'Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Inbound' option; you may also have to enable something on the Avaya to make sure the redirecting number is sent (for example, if it were the other way round there is a ''Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound' option on the CCM).

If you've done that (and reset) and it still doesn't work you'll have to start looking at traces - i.e. a packet cap to see if the Avaya is actually sending the info to start with, then the CCM traces to see if CCM does anything with it etc. It may be that if numbers are being prefixed with a few digits over the trunk for example that the redirecting number is coming through but in the original non-prefixed form that isn't assigned to any mailbox.

Or it may just not work; but no harm in trying :-)


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Thanks for the reply.

I will give your suggestions a try and update the thread in a few days.


Another option is to use a PIMG.  This will not only allow messages to go from Avaya to Unity Connection, but will also allow MWI's to flow back to the Avaya phone.

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