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Question on Cisco UCS N20-C6508 Chassis EOSL


Hello Team,


I read a Cisco article back in Oct. 2019 on the UCS N20-C6508 blade chassis going EOSL on November 30th 2021 but now I am noticing on the Cisco Warranty online portal that its not showing any date announcements.


I checked with Cisco Tech Support and they also confirmed this but directed me to query this on the community blog to see if this still holds as our business has over 40 of them and want to be sure.


Here is the article on the EOSL date


If someone can direct or confirm that would be great.




Cisco Employee

Hello Andre, and community.


The EOS article above is an older version. Please refer to the version below. To clarify, Cisco is no longer taking orders for the first generation UCS 5108 chassis (part number N20-C6508). Instead customers are asked to purchase the current model UCSB-5108-XXX. As both chassis provide the same functionality when used with external FIs, NO End of Support date is published for the first generation chassis. As of January 2020, is no need for customer to migrate away from the N20-C6508 chassis as it can support M1/M2/M3/M4/M5 generation blades with the appropriate IOMs and corresponding external Fabric Interconnects. 





End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Select UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis N20-C6508

The problem with this squishy answer is that Cisco also publishes an end-of-life policy which says otherwise.

According to above-referenced policy the end-of-support is 5 years after end-of-life announcement date.

EOL = 9/1/2016

EOS = 12/1/2016

TAC Support Ends: 12/1/2021

So clearly we need a definitive statement in writing. The EOL/EOS document needs to be amended to show in clear terms that the 5-year policy is not being followed for the N20-C6508.


Cisco Employee

Hi - 


If you look in the EOL announcement EOL11134 which states it was amended at the top. There is a column with additional information which point to EOL 12987. The new EOL 12987 - doesn't list an end of support date and services can be renewed per that notice. This new EOL 12987 announcement only list the end of sale but no end of support date.  


I hope this helps. 


Eric, thank you for your reply.


A little digging on my own to truly understand the Cisco bureaucracy ... and include all the hyperlinks in one place:


1. Original End of Life announcement (EOL11134 - Amended) UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis N20-C6508

Table 1 in announcement shows end of support November 30 2021.

Amendment is a minor text addition "Note: End of Support Milestones have been updated since this Announcement, please refer to EOL12987"


2. Revised End of Life announcement (EOL12987) UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis N20-C6508

Table 1 in the revised announcement shows no end of service or end of support.


I can find no end of life announcements for UCSB-5108-AC2 or -DC2 products, presumably they, and the N20-C6508, have at least 5 years of service/support remaining until such time as an announcement is made?


It is apparent the limitations of the end of life announcement/amendment process that the old original announcement continues to confuse customers. 


Hi all
we have the same question and from my perspective it is clear


(EOL11134) has a Timestamp :

Updated:October 14, 2019


(EOL12987) has a Timestamp:

Updated:March 27, 2019


so 11134 is a newer one with a notice that the document was updated.

it is not the first time, cisco anounce an EO(Sale) Date, and the EO(Support) date is followed a couple of month later


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