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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Cisco has released UCS Manager 3.2(1) which is available on UCS Manager 3.2(1) provides support for UCS M5 generation servers as well as enablement for the next generation UCS management platform.

UCS Manager 3.2(1) provides support for the UCS M5 generation servers with the Intel Purley architecture and Skylake CPUs. In particular, UCS Manager 3.2(1) adds support for the B200 M5, C220 M5, and C240 M5. It also pre-enables support for the Cisco Hyperflex HX 220 M5, HX 240 M5, HXAF 220 M5, and HXAF 240 M5. In addition to support for the servers, UCS Manager 3.2(1) adds support for a wide variety of accessories, including NVMe drives, additional hard drives, Fibre Channel cards, additional Nvidia GPUs and much more. Please see the UCS Manager 3.2 Release Notes for additional details.

From a software perspective, UCS Manager 3.2(1) enables support for the next generation UCS Management platform. This cloud-based management platform provides easy adoption through a device connector that will provide access to new UCS server management functionality. While details of the functionality of the next generation UCS management platform will be available when it is released, this provides a convenient method to take advantage of the new functionality when customers are ready to use it without having to do an additional software or hardware upgrade. All that will be needed is to sign-up for the new platform, point the device connector to the cloud-based management platform by configuring any HTTP proxy information, claim the appropriate devices, and start taking advantage of new features and functions.

The UCS Manager 3.2 Release Notes provide additional detail on platforms, features, accessories, and defect fixes. You can download UCS Manager 3.2(1) today from

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