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C460-M4-UCS Managed Management Network

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Hi Experts:

I have a UCS managed C460-M4 and I would like to REDUCE SPOF for my Management Network [KVM Console] which is currently limited to Slot 4 with my Cisco VIC.Firmware is 2.2(5b).

Q1. How to achieve it if VIC in Slot 4 has hardware issues (both ports is busted/downed) if I am using Direct Connect (direct to UCS FI-1 port to FI-A and the other to FI-B)?

Q2. I am using IPMI too and since IPMI is configured to use the Management Network on Slot 4 and once Slot 4 is DOWN, my IPMI will stop working too?

Can I use other network ports for IPMI like the MLOB - x 1 Dual-1G Ports and x 1 Dual-10G Ports?

Can I use these above for my Management Network too rather than using the 10G VIC in Slot 4? If I do this, I WILL HAVE to move the VIC in slot 4 to other slot, AM I right? Will this VOID the Direct Connect framework and supportability or WILL IT work or not?

Please help to shed some lights.


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Clifford Aldan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


There are several methods to integrating UCS C-series with UCS Manager

  • SingleConnect (Sideband)
  • Dual-wire Management (Shared LOM)
  • Direct Connect Mode

These are all covered in the configuration guide: Cisco UCS C-Series Server Integration with Cisco UCS Manager 

For your goal (reduce SPOF), Dual-wire Management is the option to use as the other two choices use a single VIC and single wire connection to each FEX/FI

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