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Cisco UCS Performance Manager


I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get ahold of this tool. After reviewing the content in the following link Cisco UCS Performance Manager - Products & Services - Cisco I was interested in obtaining the software to give it a look. Following the "Download Software for this Product" link on that page took me to the normal UCS support/downloads location where you'd grab drivers and such for the UCS products. Nowhere in this section of Cisco's downloads was I able to locate the Cisco UCS Performance Manager software. It's unclear to me whether or not this is a standalone product, or integrated into Cisco Prime.

Any clarifying information is welcome!

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Jeffrey Foster
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Posting this on behalf of Vish Jakka:

We have not GA'ed the product yet, currently in beta stage. Please e-mail me at vijakka at cisco dot com and I will be able to provide you more detail and work from there.

- Vish

Thanks Jeffrey, I've contacted Vish. I appreciate the help!


Has this gone GA yet ?   What do we quote?

Any licensing / ordering guide for it?

Doug, reach out to me at vijakka at cisco dot com and I will provide the details. We have two versions available and the respective pids are UCS-PM-IE= and UCS-PM-EE.

Is that it for PID's - no per device licensing, term licensing, SASU?


Are there any details that you could provide for ordering this product?

Hi Lance, Tony,

We will be posting FAQ and Ordering guide on the partner community soon. In the meantime please email me at and I will share the docs with you.

Hi cduetsch,

12 month SASU contracts are mandatory with UCS PM. The 2 pids corresponding to UCS-PM-IE and UCS-PM-EE are CON-SAU-UCSPMIE  and CON-SAU-UCSPMEE.

UCS PM is licensed per UCS server. No additional device licenses are required with UCS-PM-IE licenses, connected network and storage switches and storage arrays/filers are automatically licensed.

FAQ and Ordering guides will be posted to the community shortly. Email me in the mean time if needed.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

UCS PM FAQ and ordering guide are on communities now!

UCS Performance Manager

This post has links to other useful resources on UCS PM as well.

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