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connecting the FIs to the N5ks with layer-3


Hi, we have a setup where we are connecting the UCS FIs to nexus 5548UP with layer3 modules. All layer 3 for the UCS domain will be handled by the n5ks. The n5ks are in a vpc domain and each FI is dual connected to both the n5ks. Now I will have to create layer-3 subinterfaces on the n5ks (similar to a router-on-the-stick design) in order to facilate layer3 routing. FI-A connects to both n5ks with PO1 and FI-B connects to both n5ks also with PO1.

config as below -


int eth1/1

des to FI-A

no switchport

channel-group 1 mode active

int eth1/2

des to FI-B

no switchport

channel-group 1 mode active

int po1.100

ip add

encap dot1q 100

hsrp 100



priority 110

N5k-B has exactly same config, except that it is hsrp secondary. I am doing the right way? Please advise?

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David Grocke

Hi There!

I hadn't thought of doing it that way, but I think you need to use VLANs as the associated vlan tag of a sub-interface will not traverse a VPC link.

It may be best to post this in the switching and routing or Nexus forums, but my understanding of a subinterface is that it simply reads the VLAN tag being sent over the wire and isn't a layer 2 VLAN on the local device. If it's not a layer 2 VLAN on the device your VPC peer link will never pass the traffic, plus I can't think how the VPC address tables would work with sub-interfaces.

You could tell easily as I wouldn't expect your HSRP to come up, even if your VPC peer link is traversing the related VLAN.

I would recommend creating L3 SVIs for each of your assiciated VLANs and prune both on the VPC peer link and your port-channels to your UCS. This also means you aren't restricted to using these VLANs exclusively for UCS.

My rule of thumb would be if you are using a L3 switch, like a N5K with a L3 module, then there is no reason to use subinterfaces. Only use subinterfaces on routed ports where you cannot trunk and use L3 VLANs everywhere else. I don't think this would be accepted everywhere because some security aware people do prefer subinterfaces.


Daivd Grocke

Thanks David, you are right.... my hsrp groups did not come up perfectly, each 5k was making itself active as those vlans never run through the vpc peer-link even though they are created and tagged there.

I am gonna try SVIs and see how it goes..

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