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How to create Dual boot on UCS-C220

Hasan Zaman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


While I am unable to start nested VM on VMWare planning to install Ubuntu on a bare metal UCS, also would like to have ESXi as a second boot option. This UCS-C has four raid drives and planning to use one for the Ubuntu and rest for the ESXi.

Would appreciate if you could send me some info how to setup dual boot with UCS-C220 (for ESXi and Ubuntu).







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Keny Perez
Level 8
Level 8

So you want to create 2 different arrays containing different OSs?  If that is the case, you normally have to define which is your boot drive (starting on CIMC 1.5 that can be done from CIMC  itself, prior versions required the user to do it from the RAID controller utility) ... let me know if  I misunderstood you.




Thanks Ken.

I was trying to create virtual drive with web-bios, but the CIMC is a better option.

Now, I am having an issue loading iso images for ESXi or Ubuntu.

There was one virtual drive and ESXi installed on it. After deleting and creating two virtual drives, it is still giving errors for missing path for ESXi and "No bootable partition in table".

I tried mapping Virtual Media for new iso install, but no luck.

Would appreciate for pointers how to load different iso images on those two virtual drives.



Do you happen to have an screenshot of the error "No bootable partition in table"


For the last part of diff images for 2 VDs... you need to select what VD will be the boot drive, but I am not sure what happens when you move from one VD to another as boot drive...