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UCS 1.4 and Custom Service Profile Numbers


Is there a way to customze the numbers that get appended a Service profile either at creation or after the fact?

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Mathew Lewit
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Doesn't look like there is a way to change the name once it is created.  You can give it a user Label under properties which will describe what the Service Profile is being used for in greater detail.

I assume you are creating Service Profiles from a template?

It looks like you can say how many you want and it will give it your name and number starting with 1, and counting up. 

If you are looking to create unique names with your own numbering scheme it looks like you will have to clone an existing service profile, or create unique service profiles.


I don't know why the interface is like this but if you right-click on Service Profiles at the top of the tree you get the option "Create Service Profile from Template". When you choose this option you can create a Service Profile from a template and it doesn't add a number to the end.

When you right-click on a Service Profile Template you only get the "Create Service Profiles from Template"


I'll open an ehnancement request on this.  I would expect there to be a single option, that would allow you to specify the number of Service Profiles to create.  Anything higher than "1" I'd expect a # to be added to the name, but a single profile created should not.  We shouldn't have both a "Create Service Profile" and "Create Service Profiles" options.



Robert, thanks. I have always thought it was weird that the only place the "Create Service Profile from Template" is an option is on the right-click menu of Service Profiles and not on the right-click menu of a Service Profile Template.

It would also be nice if you could drag-n-drop Service Profiles and templates from one org to another.

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