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UCS MINI (3.1.3a)- Network Failover Test - LAN PIN GROUP to Uplink, link down state not changing on server vNIC

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Level 1

Dear Friends,

We got brand new UCS mini box and I’m trying to setup and test the Network failover.

2 Core SW - Cisco 4500x –

2 uplink per IOM to Core Switch

1 port channel per IOM- LACP (Port-channel 11 for IOM-A eth1, eth2. Port-channel 12 for IOM-B eth1, eth2)

I have created 2 LAN pinning group for port-channel 11 and 12.

On blade, Windows Server 2016 Hypver-V BOOT from SAN running.  2 vNIC – eth2 on Fabric-A, eth3 on Fabric-B. inside the OS, I have created TEAM with active standby.

When I shutdown the port-channel 11. My Hyper-V host is not reachable as the blade eth2 link state is not changing.

Please help me to fix this issue.

Much appreciated your Help.

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Level 4
Level 4

It seems that fabric failover is still preferred.  Here is the best practice whitepaper (though from 2014).  I couldn't find an updated paper with a quick google search

My immediate thought is that when you shutdown the port-channel on the FI, the port channel to the blade is not affected so the link may not show as down and actually fail-over to the other vNIC.  In addition, in-bound traffic will only ever use one of the vNICs anyway so unless you plan to push a ton of out-bound traffic only, you're not gaining much.

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