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UCS service profile / vNIC creation script

Enthusiast has a few web-based scripts that I maintain and use for my own UCS work. They're not the cleanest, but they get the job done. I thought it would be good to donate them to the community.


UCS NIC Config Generator prompts you for a vNIC/vHBA layout, and then builds a service profile template with all the messy network settings (vNICs and vHBA's templates, MAC/WWPN/WWNN pools, QoS/MTU settings, etc). Here is a screenshot:




The output of the script is UCS Manager CLI (not powershell or XML). I realize that's clunky, but this is intended to be a one-time thing, and the command output can be easily edited before you paste it into UCS Manager.

A second script is UCS Parser, which audits a UCS Manager XML configuration ("All Configuration" and "Preserve identities). This script goes through all your service profiles and templates and groups them according to consistency configurations. E.g., to find the service profile that strays from templated norms. It also reports on common errors, like references to non-existent VLANs. If your UCS Manager config is very clean, this script won't find much. The report output can be html (which imports into word processors nicely for further cleanup), or tab-delimited (perfect for Excel).


I hope these scripts are useful to the community.


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