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UCS Upgrade from 6120 to 6332-16UP

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Level 1

I am looking to upgrade from 6148 to 6332-16UP Fabric Interconnects.  I would like some info on steps to do this as I've never installed one.





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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Scott,

There is no online (zero downtime) migration path from 6100 to 6300. See here for more information:


You should also check to make sure you don't have any unsupported hardware for the 3.1+ releases in your current 6100 environment. 

3.1 Release Notes deprecated hardware:

3.2 Release Notes deprecated hardware:



Here is some information on getting your 6332-16UP though the initial setup so you can access UCS Manager:



Thanks for the links.  I have already looked through the compatibility issues and purchased all the hardware necessary.  I understand that this outage will impact the environment.


I am looking for the actual step by step process to upgrade. 

This was provided for me by Cisco TAC:

After checking for some more details about the backups types I noticed that a “Logical configuration” backup might work for what you are looking.


What additional steps would be required with this solution?


Thanks again.

I opened a Cisco TAC case on this issue.  Here was the response:


After checking for some more details about the backup types I noticed that a "Logical configuration" backup might work for what you are looking:


"Logical configuration - An XML file that includes all logical configuration settings such as service profiles, VLANs, VSANs, pools, and policies.  You can use the file generated from this backup to import these configuration settings to the original fabric interconnect or to a different fabric interconnect.  You cannot use this file for a system restore."


Are there additional steps or gotchas that I need to know about?

Thanks again.



The 6100 series have different asics than the 6300 series, and there is no in-place online migration.

As previously mentioned, you'll want to do a logical config backup/export.

I would recommend bringing the 6300s online at the same time with a different node/VIP temporarily, without the connected Chassis (assuming you have purchased compatible IOMs to replace the 2104s you likely have), and make sure your various pools, service profiles, etc, have correctly imported.

When you do go to connect your Chassis(s) up, connect them up/power-on  in the order you want them Numbered.

Also, 6200 and higher FIs have ability to do link aggregation for the IOM to FI connections, so make sure you adjust your chassis link global discovery policy.





Is there any advantage or disadvantage to keeping the old IPs hostnames after migration?

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