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UCSM C-series integration

IPM Support

In a C-240M3 integrated in a UCS Manager domain with the VIC 1225,is it possible to use an empty PCIe slot to install an N2XX-AEPCI05 LPE Emulex HBA and direct attach a supported VNX there? I know it sounds weird, but just for the purpose of understanding how the c-servers integration works.

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Yes this is a supported topology.  The one thing to keep in mind is that the Emulex HBA is not part of the UCS fabric and can not be managed by the UCSM service profile.  In order to configure the card you would need to use the option ROM and or OS software utilities.

Steve McQuerry

UCS - Technical Marketing


Walter Dey

Hoi Dani

What would you like to achieve ?

I think it can be done, but is outside of any UCSM management; the only supported interface is VIC 1225; therefore, your service profiles cannot make use of this hba ? however, the installed OS can.

Actually what I would like to directly connect is not a VNX but a Backup Library. As I see in the HW Compatibility Matrix, UCS lacks support of many popular Backup Libraries, I presume that's mezzanine limited support fault. Yet Emulex and Qlogic PCIe cards for C-series DO have broad support for Backup libraries. The final goal is to be able to connect certain backup libraries to UCS "overcoming" the HW compatibility matrix.

Does that make sense?

Yes, makes sense ! Although you move the problem somewhere else ! Which tape library are you using, which is not on the list ? Most likley it would work (direct attachment to UCS is however not supported)

Quantum i40 is not in the list, and is a very popular one.

However connecting it to the c-series through a Cisco branded Emulex or Qlogic PCIe HBA IS supported I believe, since this way the UCS Support Matrix doesn't apply, but only the Quantum matrix. Then we could say, we are not "infringing the support matrix law"

Does it make sense?

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