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vCenter extension problem

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Level 1

Last november it appears I started getting some errors on my UCS to vCenter integration. I am not able to add or change any vlans to the DVS folder I have in use. I think it was tied to another admin creating a new cert to replace an expired one.

These are the errors I get:

"[FSM:STAGE:REMOTE-ERROR]: Result: service-unavailable Code: unspecified Message: Timed out while getting response from vCenter(sam:dme:ExtvmmProviderConfig:GetVersion)"

"[FSM:FAILED]: external VM manager configuration(FSM:sam:dme:ExtvmmProviderConfig)"

Being I have a working DVS, I was wondering if I might just re-export the vcenter extension and add it back into vCenter without my production DVS getting messed with other than to apply any changes I've done which are to add VLANs.

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Zaira Vega
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you know if UCSM version was upgraded recently?

What is the current UCSM firmware version?

What is the ESXI version?

UCSM started off at 2.04(a), I then upgraded to 2.1(1d) about a month ago to try and solve this.

Before I had noticed this was a problem, about 2 months ago I also went and updated ESXi and vSphere to 5.0 U2.

The funny thing is I can create a new DVS, and that shows up in VMware but the updates for when I associate a port profile client do not get updated in VMware.

and that DVS had a VLAN that was not showing for the longest time and now that I go look, the VLAN is there. So I just went in and tried adding another and 30 minutes later it has not shown up...

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