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VLAN Count Optimization and security issues

Joffrey GODARD



I am facing an issue on the Port VLAN Count Optimisation regarding issues on one of our infrastructures.


This infrastructure uses multiple uplinks for different physical LANs (internal and external exposition are on two different phy networks for maximal security)

Sec teams admitted that disjoint VLAN separation within the FIs allowed the use of the same domain for both exposition (as long as we have separated blades for separated usage)


Recently we hitted the VLAN Port Count limit of 32000.


My question is then, what does exactly do the Port Count Optimization ?


"VLAN port count optimization enables mapping the state of multiple VLANs into a single internal state. When you enable the VLAN port count optimization, Cisco UCS Manager logically groups VLANs based on the port VLAN membership."


From what I understand it just groups their state and management "by uplink" instead of "by VLAN"? in this case we still are safe but I am unsure of my understanding, and we are very careful about Security.



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