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Adding iscsi storage to server profile

I've initially setup our B200-M3 blades running RHEL 6.4 to boot off of iscsi storage (HP P4330s storage) and all appears to boot and run fine.

Our initial boot disk setup is only 40Gb. No VM.

I now need to add data storage to one of our servers and am a little stumped at this point.

On the HP storage side I've created data volumes and allocated them to our servers.  On the Cisco FI side I'm now trying to add the HP volumes iqn

to its designated server.  The only place I can see to do this under the server>adapter>ISCSI vNIC area.

I currently have 2 iscsi vnics defined for boot. (Due to the nature of HP's storage this was required in order to resolve boot paths should the HP side flip from one switch to another on a boot/failover. The HP storage nodes sit off their own isolated network switches. Cisco FI's also connect to these same switches.)

When I try to add anothe ISCSI vNIC I get a only a max of 2 allowed.

How would one normally add additional "disks" to a server?

Note this env is all brand new to us. We're still learning this stuff

Neehal Dass

Hi Norman,

Sounds like you have configured the server initially to boot of an iSCSI lun on your HP storage and now you would like to let the server see another lun as an additional disk.

Changing the configuration of the iSCSI vnics through the UCSM will only change the lun which the server will boot from, and won't "add" additional disks as you would like to here.

To add additional luns which the server can see you will need to add them through the OS itself. The following article summarises the steps quite well. Hope it helps.



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